Ashley Lewis

Monita Page


Ashley graduated with a B.S. in Business Management in 2016.  Shortly after, she began a career in finance.  Throughout her journey she progressed her skillset and landed the role of Accounting Manager.  Ashley handled all of the day to day financial operations including, multi state payroll, month/ year end close, reconciliation, and the financial reporting.

While in this position she also took on the fleet management, HR duties, and the government contracting. The highlight of her career was performing the due diligence during the acquisition of her starting company.  Upon the acquisition she was offered an opportunity to hone her HR skillset.  Ashley had the opportunity to serve as the East Regional HRBP.

Ashley’s goals are to continue to grow both in her financial skillset as well as continue to make a difference in the HR world. She has since gotten accepted and began her MBA program with an expected graduation date of August of 2023.


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