As a Growth Management Company, we believe your business is OUR business. Which is why we offer a Team of support that grows with you!

Learn more about what your team could include as your company scales

Senior Bookkeepers, Accountants, Select Duty Controllers

Our Bookkeepers do more than checks and balances, we offer a senior level of bookkeeping which goes hand in hand with our Accountants and Select Duty Controller roles and duties. Every client starts with a 90 day assessment where an Accountant and a Business Integrations Specialist evaluate and assess based on data where your company has been, where it is now, and where we project it to be in the next year. From there, we build the team you will need to get to your goals and re-assess every 6 months.

Your growth is important to you which means it’s important to us. After 90 days, we also provide you with our monthly flat rate estimate so as to budget efficiently and affordably.

Business Integrations Specialist

Every client will start with a Business Integrations Specialist for the first 90 days. The initial focus is to integrates the major functions of the business, run the organization and manage the day-to-day issues. From here, we hold together the people processes, systems, priorities and strategy; the glue that holds the team together, executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization.

The Integrator also creates organizational clarity, communication, and consistency; typically (but not always) operates more on logic; drives results; forces resolution, focus, team unity, prioritization and follow-through; is the filter for all of the Visionary’s ideas; harmoniously integrates the Leadership Team, and helps to remove obstacles and barriers.


HR Specialist

Human Resources are important to all growing businesses, but having a full time
consultant may not fit your vision. We offer a full suite of services ranging from policies and compliance, to benefits management, payroll, and much more. The HR Specialist will set up company policies and maintain employee records to ensure a healthy and positive workplace that is compliant with local and federal labor laws, and help your business stay in budget while it scales.

Business Strategist

Sometimes your company needs to really shed it’s skin and pivot. We know how that feels, we’ve done it too! A Business Strategist will consult you in all aspects of your evolving growth by identifying and determining creative solutions to improve your business with functional strategies. The Strategist will outline your goals and help you reach those goals and also improve profitability along the way.