Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say

There’s a lot of business behind small business….

You started with a passion. It turned into a business. Now, both have turned into a job. Your company can’t scale until it can run on its own without you. Whether it is bookkeeping or accounting; executive or office administration; HR services, or anything in between, we make your business our business! Learn how we can help move you transition into the role of a successful business owner. Scale successfully as we take the stress out of your success!


Bookkeeping/Accounting Services

Whether you’re a startup or a long established business, your business relies on accurate numbers to determine where you’re going, and what you can achieve.


HR Services

Now that your company is growing, you need the right team to support that growth. Our HR Services are scalable and flexible to give you what you need, when you need it. We offer 3 different options to help you grow without breaking the bank.

Scale Your Company With Confidence

Our Umbrella of Services


Administrative Services

We understand that more often than not an office needs tight management or risks falling behind competitors and the sustainability of your business is threatened. Whether your needs are small or large, we offer many options to support your team.



We know it can be stressful to hire the right person. What do you even ask, anyway? We have a specially curated process already formulated to present you with the best candidate possible.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Get Started

During our initial contact, we learn as much as we can about you, your Company, and your needs, and pair you with the best service provider accordingly.

Get Setup

On our onboarding call we gather all of the information we need to allow you the most freedom possible. With this knowledge, we are able to take care of your business while you grow it!


While you are with us, you will have the utmost clarity and transparency on the status of our tasks. Depending on the service and package you choose, you can expect to receive monthly reports, status updates on projects and/or tasks and levels of communication with all parties involved.

Not Up-To-Date? No Problem!

Our service providers will not only get your office or books organized we will work together with you (and any other professionals involved) to bring your books or office up to date for either taxes, sale or any other needs you may have!

Ready to grow?

Our Team is Your Team

Our staff is the best in the business, but we may be a little biased. We aren’t biased about how dedicated and passionate they are, which makes them all pretty special. Meet our team, we think you’ll find them to be pretty special too.


What We Do

  •  Multiple Service Options
  •  Personalized Service
  •  Use What You’re Used To
  •  Connect You to Other Professionals
  •  Flexible, Budget-Friendly Service

Why Choose Us?

We know you want the best for your business, and we want that too.

What They Do

  • Limited-Service Options
  • Impersonal Service
  • Unfamiliar Tools and Applications
  • No Second-Step Options
  • Limited and Strict Service

Expand Your Services-And Your Client List-With VersaTel Solutions

You’ve thought about offering additional services, but don’t have the bandwidth. We hear you. We provide many white label services that you can in turn offer to your clients. This will make your company more valuable without adding stress to your workforce.