3 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Bookkeeper

3 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Bookkeeper

You can’t keep doing your books forever. There comes a point with any business that you need to hire a bookkeeper. Someone who tracks your income and expenses professionally and accurately. In fact, a bookkeeper is likely going to be a business’ first hire. 

But sometimes businesses struggle to know if they’re ready for a bookkeeper or not. Is it worth the expense? Or can you keep doing it on your own? We’re going to help you find the answers. Here are 3 signs your business is ready for a bookkeeper. 

You’re Behind on Your Books

One of the easiest signs to know if your business is ready for a bookkeeper is to ask if all of your books are done on time. Sometimes businesses get behind, or they get very busy, and a few items get behind. But you never want your books to be affected. 

If you find that your books are getting delayed month after month, it’s a huge sign that you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper. 

Your Accountant Does Your Bookkeeping

Lots of businesses love to get together all of their receipts, their income, and expenses for the whole year and only get it organized in time for tax season. This isn’t just irresponsible, it’s a big reason why many businesses fail. 

For starters, accountants are expensive, and you want them doing the work they’re experts in. You can save a lot of money by having your books done throughout the year. Not only is it easier at tax time, but you have a financial overview of your business ready at any moment. 

You Don’t Know Your Numbers

The number one reason why most businesses fail is because they don’t know their numbers. Knowing your numbers means that you know how much your business is spending and how much it’s bringing in. You know your profit margins and know what’s being paid and what’s not. 

Knowing your numbers and being realistic about this is how you keep your business afloat. And bookkeeping is necessary if you want to know your numbers. 

If you business has any of these three signs, then give us a call because you need a bookkeeper.