3 Tips on Standing Out in A Crowded Field

3 Tips on Standing Out in A Crowded Field

Anyone who is familiar with social media marketing or just marketing in general know how crowded fields can be. There are thousands of marketing professionals, brand companies, CPA’s, consultants, etc out there each competing with each other. No matter who you are or what you do, you are in competition with other business. 

With all this crowding, how do you stand out? We have 3 tips on how to stand out in a crowded field, so let’s jump right in. 

Know Your Story

You have to be able to speak about yourself and how you got here if you want anyone to remember you. Knowing who you are is key to figuring out what makes you unique. Once you find out what makes you unique and why, then you are much more likely to stand out. 

Find Your Niche

It’s also not enough to find out who you are or what field you’re doing. You also need a niche, a micro-niche. You need to find a group of people who are bound together by one very specific thing. For example, it’s one thing to be a marketer, it’s another to be a marketer who specializes in small businesses in Northern Virginia. 

Have a Marketing Strategy

Only after you know your story and your niche are you ready to start branding yourself. You need a captivating story to let people know who you are, and you need a micro-niche to narrow yourself down into exactly what people are looking for. But all of that is pointless if you don’t know how to spread your message. 

This is where social media marketing comes in. Having a website, a blog, and social media channels that are updated regularly are a great first step to getting your business to stand out!