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Delegating Is The New Delegating: What You Should And Shouldn’t Be Doing For Your Business

As women, it’s easy to say, “Oh, I’ll just do it” or “I’ll take care of it” and frankly, there are quite a few men out there that do that too; “Oh, it will take too long to teach...

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Finding The Right Balance Between Working Virtually and Working With a Virtual Team

Working virtually can have its benefits (and I’ve mentioned them numerous times here), but it can also have its pitfalls as well, especially if you work with a team. There’s a lot to be said for one on one...

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Five Bad Habits of Home-Based Businesses, and How You Can Avoid From Making Them

Launching your own business can be both daunting and exhilarating. There’s the charge of taking ownership of your financial future, and the fear that you won’t be able to commit to it for a long period of time. Starting...

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