Goodbye Millennials, Hello Gen Z

Well, it may not be quite time to say goodbye to Millennials. But Gen Z, also known as Zoomers are the latest generation to hit the workforce. Generation Zers are born from 1997 onwards, according to Pew Research. That means the first of the Gen Zers are graduating college and entering the workforce. Are Gen Zers really that much different from previous generations? All generations have their own experiences they bring with them. Gen Zers will be the first group of workers who have no real memory of the 9/11 attacks, although they have had to live with their aftermath. Generation Z is the most tech-savvy generation (sorry, Millennials) and also the most diverse. They make up an estimated 24% of the global workforce. Their sheer numbers may have bosses asking “what will this new generation bring to the workplace?” It’s difficult to make broad generalizations, after all, each generation is made of individuals. But we’ve looked at some research, and have come up with some insights.

Multitasking – As the website smallbiztrends writes, “Never fear giving Zers a wide range of responsibilities. Multitasking comes naturally to Zoomers. Sometimes it seems they’ve been using a smartphone from birth. This generation juggles multiple projects and devices with ease.” Inc concurs, saying, “If you have a job that requires divided attention, these multitaskers will be an asset to your organization.” Does this mean that every 22-year-old can juggle multiple tasks, and their older coworkers can’t? Of course not. But it may be one strength they are likely to bring to the table.

A Willingness to Collaborate – Forbes contributor Eric Johnson finds good news for employers who are worried Gen Z will shake up the workplace, and not in a good way. He says, “As we found in a study of the burgeoning class of Gen Z workers, the working world’s newest generation is entering the workforce with a collaborative mindset and a notable desire to apply their unique capabilities to enhance the workplace. The study, which surveyed 1,000 current and future U.S.-based Gen Z employees as well as 500 business decision-makers, paints a picture of a rising generation that’s poised to improve the world of work.”

Face to Face Communication – Sources from to the human resources group Rise have found that Gen Zers want in-person communication with their bosses. Whether it’s from app burnout or a fear of not being taken seriously by their supervisors and older coworkers, research shows Generation Z is eschewing communicating via technology, at least in the workplace. So employers should be sure to have face-to-face check-ins often with their younger employers.

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