How to Show Employees Appreciation

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay longer at your company, be more productive, and ultimately enjoy their job more. So how can you show your team they are appreciated? There are many different ways to show appreciation. 

Here are 8 tips to make your employees feel appreciated; 

  1. Learn to genuinely care. It’s easy to compliment people when they do something well, but do you really mean it? People can tell when you are being genuine and this authenticity goes a long way. 
  2. Understand your leadership style. There are many different types of leadership styles that depend on different personality types. Understanding your leadership style to see how it leads to appreciation and compassion will help you and your employees in the long run. For example, if you notice you are more authoritative, make an effort to communicate your directions in a more gentle way. 
  3. Get to know your employees beyond work. Your employees aren’t robots here to serve you, they are human, with lives outside of work. The more you engage in everyday conversation and get to know them outside of their role at your company, the more they will feel seen and in turn valued. 
  4. Communicate your goals effectively. There are many different roles in each business, which all help you achieve your mission. It is important to communicate your goals to your team so they understand how exactly their work is contributing. This is helpful for both short term and long term goals. 
  5. Challenge your employees. Giving them a challenge shows you believe in their skill set. It also helps prevent them from getting bored at work. 
  6. Praise your employees for doing a good job. This will show you appreciate their goodwork and will motivate them to continue to work hard. 
  7. Host company events. These get-togethers such as happy hours, pizza parties, or work retreats will give your workers something to look forward to. These events show appreciation because you are investing time and money into something they can enjoy. 
  8. Celebrate wins and special events. Celebrating what they are doing well will encourage your workers to work hard and continue to deliver outstanding results. It’s also a great idea to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries because it shows you care about them. 
  9. Give your employees a voice. Allow your team to provide feedback into what is and isn’t working. This open communication allows your employees to feel like their voice and opinion matters. It switches the dynamic from a dictatorship to a democracy. The employees given a voice will feel like they matter and in return, you will get valuable feedback about your company. 

These tips will help your team feel more appreciated and in turn you will feel more appreciated leading them. It’s important to show employee appreciation. The time and effort you put into showing this will be put back into your business with excellent employees. More specifically it builds trust, boosts productivity, decreases turnover, and improves brand reputation. 

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