June Employee of the Month

For the past several months I’ve honored an Employee of the Month. This month, I’m happy to introduce Mindy Leatch as June’s EOTM. Mindy is on my team of bookkeepers. She’s got a terrific personality, and her clients say they appreciate her professionalism. She’s always on top of things and she’s proactive. Meet Mindy!

Where do you live? – Gainesvill, Virginia.

What did you do before working from home? – I have worked both part-time and full-time as a bookkeeper and controller. I didn’t work full-time for long, as I need to be home with my children more often.

What made you decide to work from home? – I decided to seek out a more long-term solution to stay home with my family. I have a child with autism (along with 2 other kids at home and 1 who just graduated) who will be graduating soon, so I will need to be home with him more in the future.

Mindy Leatch

Why did you choose to work for VersaTel Solutions? – When Sevana and I met for my interview, she showed me an opportunity to be with a company that was not only flexible but very team-oriented. I needed that badly. Coming from jobs where I was expected to learn on my own, it was very appealing to me to have an environment that I could reach out to other bookkeepers for advice. I couldn’t believe that VersaTel was checking all of the boxes I had been praying for!

What do you like most about working for VersaTel Solutions? – Getting to know other bookkeepers in the local area.

Has working from home, especially this year been a challenge? – I don’t feel this year has been as much of a challenge as other people may have felt. Having had so many kids in my house I have always had to deal with distractions while I work.

What have been the benefits of working from home and what suggestions do you have for anyone considering a change? – The flexibility afforded to you from having a work-from-home position can be a lifesaver. Those with children, long-term caregivers, or even someone who just likes to have a quieter environment can benefit from taking the time to adjust to a home-based job.

What’s a fun fact about you? – I have played 5 instruments in my life. I adore music.

Tell us about a time you thought you wouldn’t succeed, but did. – Not too long ago, I sat down pouring over a journal entry I just could not reconcile. I researched online, went back over old notes, and still could not get what seemed like it should have been a fairly simple answer. Eventually, I remembered that I had colleagues now that I had the ability to reach out to for help. So I did. I learned that day to lean on others and how to do another type of Journal Entry!

Mindy is a great team player, which is a quality I value greatly in my employees. Everyone from my bookkeepers, to my HR specialists to my administrative professionals work together as a team to help our clients succeed. Contact us to find out how VersaTel Solutions can help your business grow.

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