Key Strategies for Staying on Task

Many people struggle to stay on task when work gets busy. Even (especially?) if you’re the boss. There are many distractions throughout the day. So, how do successful entrepreneurs keep focused? The website Noobpreneur asked members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council for their insight. We’ve picked five of their tips that we think are the most beneficial.

Use a ‘Traffic Light’ System for Availability

Eliminating distractions is the first order of business. I use a traffic light system: a light above my office door shows red when I’m on a call or unavailable, yellow is for pressing matters only and green is for my open-door policy. This has been adapted by our team members in Slack when they change their status to show availability, and it helps breed respect among peers by setting clear boundaries. Shay Berman, Digital Resource

(If you can’t install a light above your door, simple laminated door-hangers are a great alternative.)

 Create a Comprehensive To-Do List

It is really easy to get sidetracked, even if you are the best at multitasking. I find that making a to-do list helps me visualize my day. I prioritize the important projects, then block time slots for the remaining tasks. What’s really great is the feeling of accomplishment as you cross off finished tasks. By the end of the day, my planner is filled with scribbles, but what a wonderful mess! Andrew Saladino, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Turn Off Your Phone

Turn your phone off if you want to focus. Put it out of your physical reach. I promise you, the messages and calls can wait most of the time. If you have an assistant, make it known you don’t want to be disturbed for an hour or however long it’s going to take you to accomplish your priority project. We all live in a world full of distracting habits, rings, and alert banners. Tune out the noise. – Tyler Bray, TK Trailer Parts

Build-in Time for Distractions

Budget limited time for your favorite distractions and tasks. There should be tasks that are negotiable and nonnegotiable. Reward yourself for every completed task. For every two-hour task, make time for your favorite distraction for at least 30 minutes to one hour max. Don’t make excuses to be distracted, but find ways to be rewarded with a chance to have a good time. – Daisy Jing, Banish

Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle

An overlooked productivity hack is a healthy lifestyle. Numerous studies show a direct correlation between health and mental acuity. Make time every day to exercise and clear your head, even if it’s only for a walk. Eat clean throughout the day so you don’t feel lethargic in the afternoon. Taking care of your body and giving it the right fuel and exercise will help you hold your focus much more easily.

Shaun Conrad, Guitar Repair Bench

Let’s face it, one reason many entrepreneurs have trouble focusing is they’re just too busy. If you find yourself struggling regularly to stay on task, it might be time for you to hire VersaTel Solutions. We can give you back more time in your day. Our bookkeepers, admin workers, and HR professionals can take day-to-day burdens off your to-do list. Contact us so we can get started.

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