Know Who Your Clients Are In the New Year-My Top Ten: Part Two

Know Who Your Clients Are In the New Year-My Top Ten: Part Two

Thin Client
Thin Client (Photo credit: ryan2point0)

We started off my Top Ten with some of the most common challenges in client personalities. Here, you’ll find the conclusion of my Top Ten with some of the most challenging clients you’ll encounter and how to curtail them before they jeopardize your reputation.

6. Mr. “I Don’t Know, Maybe, What Do You Think?”: These clients have no idea what they want, which is why they flip flop on their decisions making your job more frustrating. In the end, you know they won’t be happy, but you have to find that happy medium.

Solution: Get EVERYTHING in writing once the project is decided upon. Make all the details clear to keep from any misunderstandings.

7.  Mr. “Emergency!”: Somehow, you’ve managed to stay in business with just one client, and this guy’s the one. This client believes you do nothing but work for him, and therefore must be afforded all of your time.

Solution: Make it clear what the timetables are for all the deadlines, and remind him gently (when things start going awry) that you do have other clients, and he is just as much of a priority as they are.

8.  Mrs. “I Don’t Know What I Want, But It Isn’t That”: This client may not know what she wants, but she knows what it’s not, and most likely it’s everything you propose.

Solution: Moving targets can be very difficult to please. This may just be the client you can’t take on for the sake of your sanity.







9.  Mrs. “I Hate That! I Don’t Know Why, But I Do!”: This client will latch on to any small feature and bring your project to a grinding halt.

Solution: Don’t ask them what colors they want, ask them what they want to accomplish. If they’re still nitpicking your project, you have the option to relinquish the agreement.

10.  Mr. “How Much Is This Going To Cost?”: This penny pinching client is more concerned with the budget than the project.

Solution: Agree on the cost of the project including any possible surprises. If they don’t think they can afford some wiggle room, then you have to consider passing up on them as a client.

*Have you encountered these types of clients and want to know how to make your website and your business more clear and succinct to avoid these types of scenarios? Contact me for a personalized consultation!