Meet February’s Employee of the Month!

Meet February’s Employee of the Month!

The short month of February is almost over. That means it’s time to introduce our latest Employee of the Month. Michael Smith is a two-time EOTM, he’s just that good. He’s one of VersaTel Solutions’ hard-working bookkeepers, Michael has worked for me for a couple of years. I asked Michael how things have changed for him working from home during the pandemic, and like a lot of us, he said he’s finding it found it hard to manage his work-life balance. (Here are our tips on Self-Care for anyone struggling with work-life balance.) He says he really appreciates the flexibility of working for my team.

Michael is a native of Southern Maryland but now calls Washington D.C. home. He enjoys traveling, and one of his favorite types of vacations is one that incorporates local cuisine. He says he tries to take “Walking food tours everywhere we go on vacation.” Don’t expect him to stick out his tongue in his vacation picks. He says that’s one trend he just doesn’t understand.

I found out that one of Michael’s favorite jobs before he came to work for me, was working in a bank. That was a surprise, considering he likes to work early in the morning and late at night.

The last couple of years have been a struggle for everyone, and Michael has gone above and beyond in helping clients with difficult to understand loan options, forgiveness, and helping them transition from being regular companies to full-fledged government contractors. He’s also been a fantastic team player, collaborating with others on the team, answering questions when someone gets stuck on an issue and generally offering his vast knowledge on government contractor bookkeeping to clients that are still navigating the often confusing world they are entering. I have found myself leaning on him a few times this past year with workflow and bandwidth issues. He’s been a fantastic team player and I’m very lucky to have him here at VersaTel!.” 

Our team at VersaTel Solutions is made up of smart, hard-working, and capable people like Michael. Whether you need a bookkeeper like Michael or other services such as HR specialists or virtual admins, we have someone who can work with you to grow your company. Instead of struggling to do all of the work yourself, reach out to VersaTel Solutions and let us help you.

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