Meet February’s Employee of the Month

Meet February’s Employee of the Month

I’m very pleased to introduce Alyson Marcoux, VersaTel Solutions’ Employee of the Month. Alyson does double duty for VersaTel Solutions. She’s a bookkeeper, and she’s also a Human Resources specialist for our new HR department. Alyson graduated from high school in Bonn, Germany, later earning a degree in Psychology from Princeton University and entered the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Baylor University. She earned a Human Resource Management Certificate from George Mason University in 2015, and received her SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional) certification from the international organization SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). Here’s more about Alyson:

Where do you live? Haymarket, VA (Dominion Valley)

How long have you worked for VersaTel Solutions? – Almost a year and a half now!

What did you do before working from home? – I worked in or ran the Finance and Human Resources departments at a few different small to medium-sized businesses.

What made you decide to work from home? – Timing! I couldn’t make the timing work anymore while working full time at an office. I had two kids that needed to be dropped off and picked up from school, and financially even if the extra care was available (before and after-school) it just didn’t make sense. I needed to find a way to be there for the kids (oh my goodness I used to FEAR a call from school letting me know one of my kids was sick, or that the school was closing early due to weather).

How did you learn about working for VersaTel Solutions? – My husband actually! He knew Sevana from a networking group and kept telling me about her and how he was impressed with her business. When she was hiring I jumped at the opportunity to apply and finally meet this dynamic woman he told me so much about.

Why did you choose to work for VersaTel Solutions? – Sevana. I felt a connection with her and her vision for the company. I knew I could help her (with her immediate need for a bookkeeper and longer term with my skills and extensive HR background). I was excited to work from home and be able to do the whole drop off/pick up at school routine with my two kids. Little did I know that the pandemic was around the corner and my being experienced at working from home would be so handy!

What’s a fun fact about you? – Since I grew up moving every 3 years around the globe, I’ve picked up at least a few phrases from several countries. My kids laugh because I tend to mix in words from 3-4 different languages when talking to them (especially if I’m trying to get them to hurry in the morning, lol).

Alyson’s story is similar to that of many of our employees. She has an amazing background, but working full-time in an office wasn’t working for her. Her former employers’ loss is definitely our clients’ gain. If you’re interested in hiring an HR specialist, bookkeeper, or administrative worker with a deep knowledge base and experience, reach out to us. We will find the person who’s the right fit for you.

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