Meet Our Employee of the Month for April

Meet Our Employee of the Month for April

This month I’m pleased to introduce Anne Rosen as our Employee of the Month. Anne is one of our amazing bookkeepers. She’s been working for VersaTel Solutions for about two years, and our clients really appreciate the way she goes above and beyond. When one of our clients discovered they needed documents ASAP, rather than hand them to a courier Anne decided to drive out to Purcellville to guarantee that our client got them on time. I’m really proud to have her on my team, please read on for more about Anne.

Where do you live? Gainesville, VA

What made you decide to work from home? A previous full-time employer closed the physical business location and moved all administrative operations to my house. I have been working from home for over 10 years,

What do you like most about working for VersaTel Solutions? I enjoy my working independence. I like that Sevana recognizes my experience and places the trust in me to do my job. I do not feel micro-managed, but know that I have any and all support anytime from her as well as any of the other members of VersaTel Solutions. I feel useful and recognized.

Has working from home, especially this year been a challenge? It did not present much of a challenge for me as I have been working from home for such a long time now. However, I had taken on a client to perform consulting and training prior to the pandemic and could not spend the face-to-face or hands-on time I felt necessary to bring them up to speed in as quick a time as planned. Everything has worked out so far, just not in the time frame I imagined.

What have been the benefits of working from home and what suggestions do you have for anyone considering a change? I love being able to work on MY schedule and at my pace. Being at home allows me to work any hour of the day (and sometimes night). My suggestion for someone who has never worked from home or is new at it would be to make sure you hone up on your time management skills. It’s easier to get distracted when working in a home environment versus a more structured office environment. Good organization and focus are a must.

What’s a fun fact about you? I have two daughters named Jennifer !!! My biological children are named Patrick and Jennifer. My husband (now deceased) and I were foster parents for Fairfax County for over 10 years and fostered 9 young children and teenagers, 1 (named Jennifer) of whom we adopted. To people who question having 2 daughters named Jennifer, we have always replied we just like the name. To date, seven of the remaining eight of those now young adults are still in contact with me.

Tell us about a time you thought you wouldn’t succeed, but did. That would have to be when my first marriage fell apart. So very unexpectedly, one day I was left with a 7 yr old and a 2 week old baby, house payments, bills, etc., and no job. I felt so devastated and like a complete failure. All my self-confidence gone in one day. If it weren’t for emotional support from my family and friends, I don’t know where I would be today. They knew my strength and capabilities before I could recognize them. They helped me tear down my pride and rebuild my confidence. I reached out to a previous employer, who had no positions open at the time, to be considered at the next hiring period. He asked, “Can you start tomorrow? I can always make room for a dedicated employee like you.” And that’s where my successes started.

What do you see yourself doing three years from now? Exactly what I’m doing now – working from home on my own schedule; spending time with my family; helping others as best as I can; being grateful for all the blessing that I have; and thanking God for all of it.

Anne is dedicated to the success of our clients, and truly aligns with our belief that our clients’ business is OUR business! We are very fortunate to have her on our team! Our bookkeepers, administrative professionals, and HR experts are all as dedicated to their clients’ success as Anne is. Reach out to us, and let one of our team members help your business grow.

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