Meet Our Employee of the Month for March

Meet Our Employee of the Month for March

With March coming to a close, it’s time to announce our Employee of the Month. This month I’m pleased to introduce Alicia Murphy. Alicia is someone I knew for several years before she came to work for me. Our daughters both played lacrosse and we got to know each other through the sport. She’s one of many hard-working bookkeepers I’m lucky to have on my team. Alicia is a proud military wife who’s lived in 9 states, 2 foreign countries and moved 14 times in the past 20 years. Like all of my team, she works remotely. So, even though she’s no longer in Northern Virginia her clients still get great service. Here’s more about Alicia.

Where do you live? Texas

How long have you worked for VersaTel Solutions? Three years.

What did you do before working from home? I was a military spouse for 20+ years, I have moved around the country and world with my husband. My priority was being a stay-at-home mom and raising our 2 children who are now grown and on their own. I have always worked part-time in some capacity, bookkeeping or tax preparation.

What made you decide to work from home? Working from home allowed me the flexibility to raise our children and have an ideal work/life balance.

Why did you choose to work for VersaTel Solutions? Working as a bookkeeper for VersaTel has provided me the work/life balance I wanted while raising my children as well as the flexibility to move around the country while supporting my husband. An added benefit is being able to keep working for my clients no matter where I am living.

What do you like most about working for VersaTel Solutions? The best thing about working for VersaTel I think is the people and the collaboration. We all help each other when asked or needed. If I ever need help, other bookkeepers are always willing to answer questions and when others are in need because they are overloaded or have a (challenge with) a client, myself and others are always just an email or phone call away from jumping in and taking on whatever is asked.

What have been the benefits of working from home and what suggestions do you have for anyone considering a change? The biggest benefit has been spending more time with my husband and daughter who were both home from their jobs and school because of COVID. My biggest suggestion is somewhat of an obvious one; make sure to have a separate office space or place to work and depending on your schedule, make sure to carve out specific times to dedicate to your tasks. Eliminate any distractions, children, pets, outside calls, etc.

What do you see yourself doing three years from now? Building my client base and continuing to work remotely, while traveling across the United States and beyond now that my children are on their own.

I love that Alicia was able to work with me and keep the work-life balance she wanted. Like all of my employees, Alicia has a strong background in her field and works hard for her clients. If your company needs to outsource its bookkeeping, HR or administrative needs reach out to us here at VersaTel Solutions. We have packages for any small business, or we can tailor one for you.

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