Meet Our October Employee of the Month!

Meet Our October Employee of the Month!

It’s my favorite time of the month when I get to recognize one of my amazing employees. I’m very proud of my entire team, but this month I’m recognizing Michael Cerrato. Michael is part of my bookkeeping team, and he learned about us through his friend, Michael Smith, who’s another one of our bookkeepers. He’s one of my newer team members, but he’s already made an impact on our clients.

Michael Cerrato

Michael is from Washington DC, and before he joined VersaTel Solutions, he worked for an accounting firm. When I asked him why he decided to work for us, he said, “Flexibility. And it allows for ownership over one’s work.” He also says he appreciates creating his own hours and the ability to learn new industries. Michael found that his quality of life improved once he started working from home for our team. “It’s enabled me to be more creative with my time management, which has improved the way I work.” He also says being able to design his own schedule makes it easier for him to participate in the activities he enjoys. For instance, he’s a runner, and right now he’s in training for a marathon. Michael is also handy and is a talented woodworker.

Michael’s clients appreciate the fact that he’s helpful and great at explaining things clearly and very patiently. It’s not surprising that he’s great at explaining bookkeeping issues since he is a CPA with expertise in auditing. When asked what he hoped he’d be doing in the next three years, Michael said, “Growing my accounting knowledge and client base.” If you’d like to work with Michael, or any of our other bookkeepers, HR specialists, or Administrative Assistants, we have a plan that can fit your needs. Our trained professionals, like Michael, can help you run your business smoother than ever before.

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