Stress-Busting Strategies

As the end of the year and holidays approach, stress ramps up for business owners. Family expectations, bills, and end-of-year record-keeping can all add to mounting stress. You might be able to keep stress hidden, but eventually, it will surface. To help put a stop to stress, we have tips from Ivan Widjaya, the editor of the website Noobpretreneur. We hope these are helpful to you.

Say NO

Taking on too much business is going to kill you and/or your business. You either need to hire more people, improve your delegation or outsourcing skills – or just plain say NO! This happens more with startups than well-established businesses with a good management system already in place.

Regardless, we all suffer from the desire to take on more and more projects, which equal more and more money. The downside is that you can crash and burn mentally.


The true road to success and fulfillment isn’t paved entirely by blood, sweat, and tears. It requires that you take time for yourself, your hobbies, family, etc. So many people let stress and the resultant anxiety overwhelm them because they have nothing to focus on but their business or career. Everything else comes secondary, until one day you come uncorked and you’re forced to deal with the fact that you can’t be “all work, all the time

Stop – Challenge – Focus

This is borrowed from sales blogger Geoffrey James, who coined this method from sales-training-guru “Tim Roth”. You can draw your own conclusions about what the method entails, or read about this awesome stress-busting method at:

Stress can take a real toll on our health, not to mention our businesses’ bottom line. In addition to the above tips, don’t forget to exercise and get enough sleep. And most importantly, remember that we can help you by taking items off your to-do list to give you more time. Our team of HR specialists, bookkeepers and administrative professionals can take over tasks that stress you out. I created VersaTel Solutions to help small business owners. If you’re having trouble handling burdensome tasks, reach out to us, we can develop a package that fits your company.

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