Top Gadgets for Business Pros

For the first time this year, CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) went virtual. Normally attracting close to 200,000 attendees, the show presents the latest and greatest in electronics. Everything from new laptops to AI devices is launched at CES. But which gadgets are good for business leaders? TechRepublic took a look at the devices that made their debut this year, and we’ve picked the ones we think our small business clients will find the most interesting.

Owl Labs’ Whiteboard Enhance – This new software is a CES 2021 Innovation Awards honoree. TechRepublic says, “This is the next step forward for digitally innovative whiteboards that can be used at offices and at home. The software used by Whiteboard Enhance was made specifically for both businesses and classrooms that already have the Meeting Owl Pro, which provides users with a 360-degree smart video conferencing camera.  Whiteboard Enhance gives anyone the option to zoom in and increase the visibility of any images on their whiteboard, and with the Whiteboard Tags feature, even those without the Meeting Owl app can use the tool. Tools like these have taken on even greater importance since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced almost all companies to go remote. As people return to the office, with social distancing rules in place, the Owl Connect can help users “comfortably and safely have more in-room meeting participants in larger spaces, while still creating an immersive meeting environment for remote participants.”

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch&WIFi This smart door lock is from Anker Systems, a company that’s well known for its tech gadgets like power banks and wireless chargers. TechRepublic says this new lock “comes with a variety of new features that range from built-in Wi Fi, a year-long battery life, IP65 weatherproofing and 3D fingerprint recognition that unlocks in less than two seconds. The smart door lock has a multitude of ways to be unlocked, including a digital button pad, physical keys locks, Bluetooth access, Wi-Fi remote controls, as well as fingerprint recognition, giving users a bevy of secure ways to open it.” If you’re working remotely and one of your employees is working on-site but is locked out, being able to open the door without having to go into the office is a definite plus.

BOOST↑CHARGE TrueFreedom PRO Wireless chargers aren’t new, but they can be a little bit frustrating. Sometimes you have to put your phone or other device juuust right on the pad to get it to charge. But according to TechRepublic, Belkin claims users can place a device “liberally” on the charger and still have it work. Also, this new device allows consumers to charge multiple devices on the wide pad.

At VersaTel Solutions, we try to keep up with the latest software, business practices, and even gadgets in order to help our clients succeed. We’re always looking for big and small ways to make running a business easier for our clients. Reach out to us to see what we can do for you.

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