Tracking Your Business with Expensify!

Tracking Your Business with Expensify!









Expense Reports












Sometimes, I wonder if I say something enough online if I’ll get some kind of kickback from a company. I mean, I really talk up some products because I’m so in love with them, and they should know how much, right? For example, I love Expensify-a smartphone app, and online program to track your mileage, expenses, time, and employees. According to them, Expensify does “expense reports that don’t suck!” And  that just about sums them up!






Let’s say you have to keep mileage for your expenses-which almost everyone I know does-if you have this app already on your phone, you turn it on, link it to your GPS (which it automatically does) and go about your day/week, as usual. When you’re done needing the tracking, you stop it, tag it with where you went, the date, who you saw, etc., and the information is then stored.  Expensify is now also available as a Chrome app. Download this free Expensify Web Receipts extension for faster service.






Here’s a list of all of Expensify’s uses:






-Import expenses from a credit card or bank account. Use a spreadsheet to rename categorize, tag, or attach receipts or to add comments. You may also scan receipts and have it matched to an imported credit card transaction.






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-Add and edit expenses, attach receipts and customize the layout of a report for your company in a PDF format. You can either sync to your accounting package or save to a spreadsheet. Using this application, you can quickly pull details of your company’s expense activity; you may also view the activity in a graph or chart or breakdown the spending by person, expense type, merchant, or any other custom filter.






-Syncs seamlessy with Quickbooks Online and desktop, or, if you don’t use eiter, you can use the app to create a custom spreadsheet template that coincides with your individual accounting program.






*this application can be added to the Google navigation bar using Single Sign On and syncs with your domains email list to set up every present and future employee. (Free for individuals-$5.00 a month per submitter to report as a company)






And it’s all free! What would you do if you had Expensify as a business tracking tool? Would you benefit from it? Be more efficient? Tell me if this could change your workload considerably the way it has mine!

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