Why women continue to dominate the HR world

Why women continue to dominate the HR world

Women take on the role naturally as HR professionals who need to be empathetic and good at multitasking, and this makes them a better fit for the HR function.

The hiring ratio of men versus women in human resources (HR) has been historically higher and currently stands at a 40:60 ratio, in favor of women.

The year 2021 there were many talent acquisition professionals with organizations focussing on female candidates to hire.

Several factors that played into this were, focusing on gender diversity, historical and prevailing trend, and perceived higher emotional quotient (EQ), have led more women applicants to HR roles than men. This has largely gone under the category where gender stereotypes have been applied to the field.

However, as organizations continue to focus on gender diversity, it adds to much higher numbers of women applying for varied HR roles across industries.

For years, the number of women applicants is by default higher than men, and the exact reason for female dominance in the HR field may not be a single cause. HR has always been a female-dominated arena, with 60% of HR roles getting closed with women applicants. Even though HR hiring is not done with specific gender on the agenda, there is a push for gender diversity from top management that eventually works in favor of women HR professionals. 

More and more female employees are being recruited also to fill the gender diversity gap. As HR begins to contribute more to strategic business outcomes—largely through improvements in technology—the women in this field are wielding greater power when it comes to determining their companies’ future course.

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