Workers Face Increasing Stress During This Pandemic…We Can Help!

Workers Face Increasing Stress During This Pandemic…We Can Help!

We’ve written about self-care here before. We even warned:

According to WebMD, stress can cause health problems ranging from obesity to heart disease to even premature death. So it’s important to get a handle on stress. As Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle writes in Forbes, ‘Budgeting time to work out, allocating certain hours for family and friends only and choosing to not check emails during certain hours of the day are all proven ways to help manage your busy workload and eliminate stress’.

But how can business owners find a way to manage their own and their employees’ busy workload? One way to do it is by developing best processes and procedures that actually make your job easier. VersabTel Solution’s Process Management experts will find places where you’re working harder, not smarter, and fix those processes for you. With our help, you’ll have less stress. And that’s something you probably need just now.

Research shows that during this pandemic, Americans are feeling more and more stressed. Forbes says, “Morneau Shepell, a leading provider of mental, physical, social and financial well-being HR solutions, surveyed 5,000 employees between May 29th and June 9, 2020. The findings are published in the latest Mental Health Index™, outlining the state of mental health across American workers and demonstrating heightened concern about returning to pre-pandemic life among the population. The June report marked the third consecutive month with a negative mental health score, although the decline has leveled off. The findings show that even with parts of the country re-opening after nearly three months of lockdown, financial risk and feelings of isolation remain the top threats to American employees’ mental health”.

We can help you set up processes for remote workers too. Gallup finds that working remotely has made things especially stressful for workers who are used to being on-site. “Employees not knowing or understanding their new expectations and accountability practices”. They go on to say “Employees learn a lot about their expectations from context — and the less time they spend in the office, the less context they have. So, managers need to be explicit about what remote workers must produce. The parameters, deadlines and metrics of tasks must be crystal clear, but so should the manager’s requests. If a manager needs weekly progress reports, for instance, or prompt replies to emails, they must say so and hold employees accountable. Be clear, collaborative and aligned in your expectations.”

If you’re finding that your employees don’t understand their new expectations in the time of Covid, or you’re having a hard time articulating them, let us help. Our Process Management Service will shape processes, write down procedures, policies, and create a manual that is the ‘bible’ of your business. This is a difficult time, let us help you navigate it.