11 Digital Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

11 Digital Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

Digital marketing is an important asset to any business. With social media, digital marketing has become easier than ever. However, many small businesses still make mistakes. Are you curious if your company is making any?

Here are 11 common digital marketing mistakes among small businesses.

  1. Ignoring the competition. In marketing, understanding what your competition is doing so you can do it better is important. You want to pay attention to the competitors so you can have a leg up in your business. By looking at the competition you can also see how your product stands out and advertise that.
  2. Forgetting SEO. Investing the time and money into SEO will help your business to be more visible to future clients. Be sure not to skip over this important aspect of marketing. 
  3. Avoiding expanding to social media. Social media is a powerful tool to market your business for free. Ignoring efforts in social media marketing also neglects the thousands of people who use it. You can also use social media to network.
  4. Having a broad audience or targeting the wrong audience. Be sure to do your research to clearly define your target audience and the best practices to reach them. Trying to engage as many people as possible isn’t worth your time or money. 
  5. Having bad customer service. Having excellent customer service is a great way to have repeat customers. Customer service leaves a mark on your customers and can lead to a positive or negative affect on your brand. If a customer has a negative experience with your product, having strong customer service helps to preserve the integrity of your brand. 
  6. No clear plan or strategy. Having a set plan and strategy is important to track progress. Start by defining your target audience, set goals, have the necessary steps to accomplish those goals, and track the progress of said goals.
  7. Not having sales or discounts. Having sales or discounts are easy ways to grab new customers. Online coupon codes or special sale offers are great to have on your landing page. 
  8. Not keeping track of leads. Different marketing strategies may pull more customers than others. It’s important to keep track of this information so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. 
  9. Lack of networking. Networking is an easy way to expand your business and gain valuable connections. It’s important to make these connections. 
  10. Using false clickbait. This leads customers in but easily diminishes trust within those customers. Instead, focus on more authentic content. 
  11. Ignoring negative feedback. Negative feedback from customers is useful advice to see what isn’t working in your business. Ignoring this feedback can lead to continued mistakes instead of growth. If you respond to negative feedback from customers in a positive way it shows you value their opinion.

With these helpful tips your marketing strategy will be back on track in no time. Creating and perfecting the right marketing strategy takes time so be patient in implementing these strategies. Think of it as long term goals instead of something you need to fix immediately. 

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