11 Qualities of a Salesperson

What makes a good salesperson? A good salesperson is able to build trust and rapport with their clients. It takes several different skills to become a successful salesperson. Successful salespeople have a combination of the different qualities below. Some may come more naturally than others, but can be worked on through practice and determination. 

Here are 11 qualities of a successful salesperson. 

  1. Good communication. This is a fundamental skill for salespeople because most sales are done by communicating with others. Be sure to have open body language and have a warm presence when interacting with customers. 
  2. Listening Skills. Use nonverbal cues to show you are listening such as nodding your head and maintaining eye contact. It can also be helpful to repeat back what you’ve heard for clarification. 
  3. Empathy. No one wants to work with a salesperson who is solely motivated by money and their own personal gain. Show empathy and understanding over your clients needs to build trust with them. This way you will have a higher client retention and be able to have a better brand image. 
  4. Competitiveness. Being competitive will help you stand out against your competitors and coworkers. A mixture of the other tips in this post such as passion and confidence will help you have a competitive edge. 
  5. Confidence. Speaking confidently will show that you know what you’re talking about and believe what you are saying. Make sure you are up to date with all of the products you are selling to easily convey this confidence. 
  6. Enthusiasm. Show you are excited about your products as this enthusiasm will carry over into your clients. 
  7. Networking Abilities. Having a wide network is beneficial for a salesperson to grow their clientele. A great way to grow your networking abilities is to attend networking events. 
  8. Honesty. People want to work with someone they trust. Showing honesty builds rapport and trust with your customers. The main goal is to sell them something that is beneficial to them, not just get the most sales. Be sure to communicate your honest feelings in a tactful way. 
  9. Passion. When you are passionate about your products people are more likely to trust your product and also become invested in what you are trying to sell.
  10. Charm is most productive in sales when it is accompanied by empathy and honesty. An easy way to exude charm is to smile, be friendly, and show enthusiasm for the person you are talking to and the conversation you are having. 
  11. Commitment. In order to be a good salesperson you must show commitment to what you are doing. Customers can tell when you lack commitment and will be less likely to buy from you. 

Some of these qualities come naturally to people. If not, no need to worry. These qualities can be developed over time and just take some practice. Working in sales can be tough, but these tips will make the process easier. From creating relationships with new clients to closing the sale, these qualities go a long way.  

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