12 Platforms to help Elevate your Business

12 Platforms to help Elevate your Business

It’s VersaTel Solutions 12th anniversary and to celebrate here are 12 platforms best to use for your business. As a fully remote company, we understand the need to stay organized and use different online platforms to help do so. 

Here are 12 platforms to help your business thrive: 

  1. Bit.Ai. This platform is great for collaborating on documents worldwide. There are free and paid options for use. They have great pre-made templates to help projects get done quickly. 
  2. Google drive.This is a great option because there is a free version. It allows you to store and organize files. You can also use it to share files with clients or coworkers. Since it’s all online it’s a great tool for remote businesses. 
  3. Zoom. Since many workplaces are now remote, zoom is a great platform to host virtual video meetings with team members or clients. Zoom allows for a lot of customizations such as allowing who can talk and write in the chat. 
  4. Proofhub. This is a great project managing tool that helps you plan, organize, and deliver on projects with your team. It does cost money but there is a free trial to use to see if it’s worth the investment. 
  5. Paymo. This project manager software allows you to track time, plan, schedule projects, and resource plan. It’s useful to keep track of expenses during projects and schedule and monitor tasks. 
  6. Slack. This communication platform is popular among small businesses and startups. You’re able to create different communication channels for different areas of business. There are free and paid pricing options. 
  7. Google Analytics. This is great to get a breakdown on how marketing is going for your business. It shows your website’s analytics in an easy to use dashboard including website visitors, marketing goals, and conversions. 
  8. Freshbooks. Allows you to create customized invoices and keeps your books organized. There is a free trial along with several different paid plans. 
  9. Xero. This is another accounting tool for small businesses. They have easy to understand charts about cash flow and are easily connected to banks. 
  10. Fiverr. This platform can connect you to freelancers that can help you with specific needs of your company. 
  11. Upwork. Upwork allows you to find talent to outsource certain business tasks to. You can use it for short or long term contracts. It is a very popular and trusted website that your company can count on. 
  12. Google Calendar. This free calendar is a great place to keep track of your schedule and see when coworkers or clients have time off. Google calendar also allows you to set reminders for yourself and invite others to meetings or events. 

Every company has different needs and requires different platforms for their business. Be sure to take time to understand the problems and needs of your company when researching which platforms to use and invest in. The goal is to make your working life easier, and the right platform will do just that. 

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