3 Strategies to Convert Clients into Referral Powerhouses

3 Strategies to Convert Clients into Referral Powerhouses

Every good business owner knows that your current clients are your best source of future business, both with their repeat business and from the word-of-mouth referrals they provide. Customer referrals are more powerful and less expensive than any other marketing.

Regardless of your business size or your industry, you can increase word-of-mouth referrals to drive your business! The basics of offering a great product or service and being a reliable, reputable company are givens, but these tips can help you increase your customer referrals even more!

1.Just Ask

Asking for customer referrals is better than not asking at all. Try to ask your customer at the peak of their enthusiasm about your business, such as when your customer has just made sizable purchase or if your company has exceeded their expectations. Ask right then if they know anyone else who could benefit from your services. People like to give referrals since it makes them feel knowledgeable and helpful by those in their networks. Ask your customers to visit your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram since your customers are most likely connected with like-minded consumers on social media.

2. Offer Incentives

You may consider offering some type of incentive for referrals to make it more likely that a customer will follow through. Some companies may offer a one-time discount of 10-20% percent if you refer a new customer, a drawing, or some type of credit. If your customer shares their experience and a special referral code on social media, a new customer may earn a discount on their first order while a current customer can earn credit as well. Even large corporations do this since this is a successful way to drum up new business as well as heighten brand loyalty.

Ask customers to check-in or leave a review on social media pages like Yelp or Facebook and consider allowing them to earn a discount or special credit in exchange for checking-in, since their social media followers will be finding out about your business.

3. Value Loyal Customers

Repeat customers are an excellent source of business since they already know about your company. Many businesses hold special “members only” events, offer a rewards program of some kind, or include a special offer or discount in promotional emails. Let your loyal customers invite a guest to a special event and offer a sign-up table so guests can be added to your email database. Customers who feel like supporting your business is valuable and that loyal customers are treated well are very likely to tell their friends and family!