3 Tips on Nailing Your Company Values

3 Tips on Nailing Your Company Values

Every business has values. Whether you define them or not, your business runs on a set of principles that guide your decisions. Having strong core values makes decision-making easier for businesses, and helps the business stay focused on its vision. 

A business’ mission, vision, and values are all connected. Your vision should dictate the kind of future you plan with your business. Your mission defines what your business does and how it works. Your values share why your mission and vision are the way they are. 

You want your core values to have meaning in your company, that’s why we came up with 3 tips on nailing your company values. 

You Can’t Force Values

Your values are not just defined by you, but by the team and organization of the business. This way, values aren’t what you choose but what you discover along your business. 

And that’s one reason why it’s always good to rebrand your business when you need it. When you’re just starting out, you’re trying out different values, your trying out a mission, and your vision isn’t clearly defined. But as your business starts to settle a little, you start to realize what kind of business you really want to run. 

Take Your Values Seriously

Company values are not just assignment you fill out to make your business feel complete. They should be on the top of your mind as you make every business decision. Your values need to be memorized by every employee and they need to recognize it as an important part of your business. 

Your values should never be out of sync with your business practice.  If your values include keeping your employees happy, then your workers need to be truly and honestly happy. 

Have Input From the Whole Business

These values belong to the company, not just to you. If you’re in the process of rebranding, then you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page as to what values your company should have. 

It’s one thing to be told “this is what you’re going to believe in now” that’s not going to be effective. But inviting your employees to provide input into what they think the company’s values should be will create a more cohesive work environment, and will make sure that your values will be followed by everyone in your business. 


Every business has values. But only the most successful businesses take them seriously. Having values not only shows the world that your business wants a future that’s beyond making a profit, it also makes decisions in your business a lot easier. This means greater efficiency, and steady growth for the future.