4 Tips for Running a Successful Small Business

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4 Tips for Running a Successful Small Business

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown may have slowed down the number of small businesses that were launched, but it never stopped. As a founder, I know how difficult it is to make sure a business is successful. Since I launched VersaTel Solutions I’ve managed to meet many of my goals, including employing a great team of experts. So, I love sharing advice with my fellow entrepreneurs. Investopedia recently published a list of tips for succeeding. Here are the four we think are most important.

 Get Organized 

To achieve business success you need to be organized. It will help you complete tasks and stay on top of things to be done. A good way to be organized is to create a to-do list each day. As you complete each item, check it off your list. This will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything and completing all the tasks that are essential to the survival of your business.

Be Creative 

Always be looking for ways to improve your business and make it stand out from the competition. Recognize that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and different approaches to your business. 

Stay Focused 

The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here. Just because you open a business doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately start making money. It takes time to let people know who you are, so stay focused on achieving your short-term goals.

Prepare to Make Sacrifices 

The lead-up to starting a business is hard work, but after you open your doors, your work has just begun. In many cases, you have to put in more time than you would if you were working for someone else, which may mean spending less time with family and friends to be successful.

Building a business from the ground up, is hard, building a successful one is even harder. Investopedia is right, you’ll probably have to make sacrifices. But, VersaTel Solutions can help minimize some of those sacrifices. If you’re finding that you’re spending too much time on tasks rather than spending time growing your business, consider outsourcing them to us. Let my team of HR specialists, bookkeepers, and admin professionals take things off your hands. Let us help you grow your business.

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