4 Tips on Writing a Better Blog Post

4 Tips on Writing a Better Blog Post

Blogging has always been a business’ way of adding name recognition and authority on a certain field. But for your blogs to be effective, they have to be well written, and easy to read. While many folks know how to write well, there’s a particular style associated with blog writing that will get your blogs over the top.

So let’s dive in with 3 tips on writing a better blog post.


Do Keyword Research

For any business there are a range of topics that you can associate your business to. For these topics, it’s important to understand how popular the topics are and what people are specifically searching.

This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s how you set up your blog so that it correlates with what Google thinks is the best response to what people are searching.

Keyword research helps you know what the words people are searching for are. You can use a tool like SEM rush to search your main topic and find other keywords associated with what you do. Then you want to make sure you use that keyword in your title and in your post.


Use Lists and Bullet Points

When it comes to blog posts, you want to provide enough content for people to learn something, and you want to make it as easy as possible to read. Reading nothing but paragraphs can cause a reader to get bored easily, and changing up the structure of your post can add variety that makes your post more appealing to readers. Here are just a benefits of using lists and bullets:

  • Makes your blog post easier to read
  • Holds interest, keeps readers from getting bored
  • Provides easy information for someone skimming your post
  • Adds visual appeal
  • Adds clarity to ideas.


Short Paragraphs. Varied Sentence Length.

As a writer you want to fully flesh out your ideas. In traditional writing, that might mean that your paragraphs can get very long. But that’s not the case in blog writing.

While you do want to flesh out your ideas, you also want to keep your reader interested. One way to achieve that is by adding more white space. We already saw that technique with the bullets but it works for paragraphs too. Simply put, nothing is more daunting to a reader than long paragraphs.

So one paragraph in a book might be divided into multiple paragraphs divided by the more basic ideas. It’s not unusual to have one or two sentence paragraphs in the blog world.

But more than that, you want varied sentence length. Shorter paragraphs are nice, but variety are what keeps readers in. Short sentences get monotonous. When you pepper in longer sentences between shorter ones, you create an ebb and flow that add interest and excitement to the reader.


End with a Strong Conclusion

One thing that never changes is the importance of a strong conclusion. Conclusions are a way to tie everything that you wrote together like a gift with a bow. It’s an opportunity to expand out and help you understand why reading this article was useful.

Now you understand the importance of good writing, and you grasped a few general stylistic rules of blog writing that is sure to help your business succeed.