5 Free Marketing Strategies

There’s a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into running a small business. One of the most important aspects of business is finding a way to gain more paying customers; marketing/advertising. The smartest business move you can make is spend time implementing free advertising and marketing. 

Here are 5 free marketing strategies you can use for your small business. 

  1. Staying up to date on the latest social media trend. This will be either a new platform such as Tik tok or an existing platform that changes how they operate like instagram reels. If you jump on the latest trend soon enough you will get the right attention. Just be aware this is more of a short term strategy. 
  2. Going on podcasts. Guesting on podcasts to talk about your business is a great way to appeal to an already established audience. Each podcast has its on niche, so finding a podcast that relates to your business will be helpful. The host of the podcast you are on acts to vouch for you as an expert in your field. Depending on who you know, it can be hard to get on a podcast. They get a lot of submissions so you want to make sure you have a great pitch. Be sure to include what you offer and how you add value to their audience. You can go on matchmaker.fm to search for relevant podcasts that are looking for guests. 
  3. Create an IG guide. Create a guide relevant to your business. For example, if you work with dogs, create a guide for dog owners. Tell them the best dog parks, dog friendly bars, and dog trainers in town. Be sure to include your own company in the list. When you add relevant businesses in the area be sure to tag them. They will share the guide to their followers. Since you are included in the list, this acts as free marketing for your business. 
  4. Add relevant linkedin connections. This method is great for business to business companies. The key to this is to post relevant content that helps your audience including tips and free advice. When adding people be sure to send a custom note. Keep in mind that you want to avoid immediately trying to sell something when they accept. Instead, focus on how you can best help them. 
  5. Have the right website. Your website should be strategic and well optimized to help convert your audience into paid customers. You should clearly state on your website what your company does and how you help clients. It should be less about your business and more about the benefits your clients get. The first thing on your website should be a lead magnet. This is a pop up to some freebie. A how to guide or some sort of tips where someone gives their email for the information. You can then send out emails either once a week, twice a month, or once a month. These lead magnets are good for customers who are not ready to buy. Your emails will help convince them to buy your product. The emails should include valuable tips. This helps to gain trust with your audience. After a few, you can start promoting your products. 

These are just a few free advertising options for your business. There’s no need to rush through these strategies. Even though it’s free marketing, it still takes time to curate and develop. Think of what problems you are solving for your audience and how you can build trust ensuring that your product is reliable and top notch. 

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