Google’s Newest Tools To Help Your Small Business

Google’s Newest Tools To Help Your Small Business

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Part of what I do for my clients is research, and when I was researching Google’s annual I/O Conference, I came across some pretty interesting (and exciting information) about what they plan to introduce-which will forever change the face of small business. Here’s a glimpse into what Google has planned to help your small business run more efficiently.

Google+ has not received the same amount of love as Facebook-let’s face it, it’s just not the juggernaut Facebook is….yet. Forty-one new Google+ features will chip away Facebook’s dominance, and eventually knock them off their thrown. Google hangouts are to become the primary messaging service for holding one-on-one or group conversations across several devices. Also, with enhanced Photos section, and an updated Google+ interface-making it more Pinterest-like-will help Google+ climb the social media ladder. Those of us who are not communicating through Google+ must start to pay more attention to the type of influence this social media platform has.

Payments via email has got to be the most amazing announcement from Google I’ve heard in a long time. The company announced that customers can make payments via Gmail with Google Wallet.  After downloading the application, you customers can ‘attach’ payments, similar to attaching a document to send money directly to you. This feature will roll out in less than two years, and will have a major impact on small businesses. Google also announced that they plan to roll out new initiatives to push forward technologies that will help businesses pay bills electronically. Instant Buy creates a more streamlined process for visitors paying for items from a company’s ecommerce site. Loyalty cards will be supported in this feature as well.

Google rules the world, yes. Google has taken over the world, yes. Am I happy about it, and happy to submit to an entirely Google world? Absolutely. Especially when that world allows my small businesses to grow with all the necessary features it needs to survive without spending thousands of dollars to make it happen. What do you think of Google’s offerings to small businesses?