How to Avoid Workplace Party Pitfalls

How to Avoid Workplace Party Pitfalls

Everyone loves a party, right? Well, maybe not a company holiday party. Forbes reports that a recent survey shows “only 36% of professionals feel company holiday parties are fun. This means of course that 64% don’t… and 35% actually give them a negative ‘thumbs-down’.” And bosses have to worry about employees who over-indulge. But, despite all of the issues with parties a lot of companies, big and small, have a celebration this time of year. So we have tips to make sure your party doesn’t put your business at risk.

Cover Your Bases, Legally Speaking: Company parties gone wrong can leave your business open to a lot of legal liabilities. According to the law firm Durham, Jones and Pinegar these liabilities include alcohol consumption and sexual harassment. Among their suggestions:

  • Provide alternative transportation.
  • Hold the party off-site where the venue has a commercial liquor license and experienced bartenders.
  • Hire your own professional bartender or caterer if you hold your party on-site.
  • Never allow employees to act as bartenders.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol that will be consumed by (i) using drink tickets (ii) having a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and food available; (iii) providing entertainment or other activities to move the focus away from alcohol.
  • Consider allowing employees to bring guests – most people behave better when they are accompanied by their significant others.
  • Keep your activities and customs appropriate for the workplace.

But Don’t Forget to Have Fun: Parties are meant to be fun. Party planners suggest listening to your employees’ suggestions for your celebration, don’t skimp on food and drink, and make sure people don’t have to wait around to eat. Also, pick the right day and time (no one wants to party with the boss on Christmas Eve!) Add some killer music and/or entertainment and your work party a roaring success.

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