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I’ve spent a lot of time holding workshops and giving presentations over the years, helping new and quite established businesses grow their businesses in a healthy manner. Last year proved to be a challenge, with the world shutting down just after I had given a presentation for women from a local shelter. I thought a lot about all of the business that is required behind a business, and lamented to my friend, a respected female business owner in her own right. We talked about the podcasts we listen to (especially now that there was more time to listen to them), and shared what we liked about this one or that one. We talked about what we wished we had been told over the years, and how difficult it was to listen to someone with a multi-million dollar business talking about how they grew when we knew there are businesses out there that were still struggling to deal with the day to day. This is how we knew we had to start a podcast of our own. 

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The Business Behind Small Business

We knew we wanted to host a podcast that has everything a business owner wants to hear. So, we present a problem, all of the aspects of this problem and all of the ways we think you can solve said problem. We talk about someone famous, historical or otherwise, that had the same issue and solved it spectacularly (or horrifically, take your pick!), and in the end, we give REAL solutions-books or apps; platforms or workshops you should follow up on to help you create a healthy solution that works for you and your business. We show you two different perspectives: one from a woman who built to sell, and plans to build and sell again, and from a woman who plans to be in it for the long haul, eventually handing over the keys to the kingdom to someone worthy of them, and likely staying on as a supervisor, consultant or board member from there. 

We’ve already published several episodes, and they’re available anywhere you listen to podcasts. We have a website and an email as well, so you can share what you would like to hear. Links are listed below. I’ve done my best to share TikTok videos to coincide with our episodes, but most of the videos are there to support what we’ve discussed or are planning to discuss. Information on how to find me is listed below as well. 

Still not convinced you want to add our podcast to your listening queue? Here are a few samples of what we’ve already published!

Letting Go of Toxic Clients – Here we discuss identifying toxic clients and ways to improve those relationships or, if needed, knowing when it’s time to call it quits and how to handle exiting those toxic relationships.

How To Make Working From Home Work – Here we share ideas, tips, and tricks of how to work from home and making it work, whether you voluntarily or involuntarily are at risk of merging your personal space with your business space.

Built to Sell vs. Built to Inherit – We discuss our journey to build both of our respective companies, one with the focus to build a legacy business that is to be inherited and one with the focus to build a business to sell.

And coming May 16th, we will share tips on how to work ON your business, not IN your business. 
Hope you find us, follow us, and like us! There’s a LOT of business behind small business, SO LET’S GET TO IT!

Find us anywhere you listen to podcasts, for example: Amazon, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify. Take a look at our website: Or email us: Find me on TikTok: @smallbusinessexplained

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