Meet January’s Employee of the Month

Meet January’s Employee of the Month

I’m very pleased to introduce our Employee of the Month. Or, I should say, re-introduce. Sandy Glotfelty was named our very first employee of the month back when I first started the program. This month marks Sandy’s fifth anniversary with VersaTel Solutions! What better way to honor such a milestone than to make our first repeat EOTM.

Sandy Glotfelty

A native of Wisconsin, Sandy now lives here in Fairfax with her family. She’s been working from home for several years. So, I wondered if things had changed for her at work since the pandemic. Like many of us, she had to suddenly juggle her work and her suddenly stay-at-home family. But that’s when her planning skills kicked in to make sure everything ran smoothly. “When my teenagers and husband were at home during virtual learning I was still able to do my work. (But) I sometimes just had to be mindful about what time of day I was scheduling a client zoom meeting due to our internet capacity.”

Sandy is one of our bookkeeping team, and has a background in accounting. She says her favorite job prior to joining VersaTel Solutions was when she worked at the professional services firm Deloitte + Touche. “Most of my clients were in the non-profit industry and I enjoyed learning about many of the causes and national organizations that are headquartered here in Washington DC. The hours were crazy long but I learned so much in my years there.” Sandy uses that wealth of knowledge to help her current clients.

Sandy is a busy wife, mom, and community member, but we wondered if she had unlimited time, what class or course she’d like to take. “I love languages and would either further my German language skills or pursue another language. In college, I double-majored in German and also studied Russian and French.” One thing Sandy does find time for is vacations. As she explains, “My family loves to travel and we have visited a lot of the National Parks. A favorite when my children were preschoolers was going to the Grand Canyon. All that they remember of it is that we ate our lunch in the back of a rental minivan!”

We’re very happy to have Sandy on our team, and her clients are too. As she says, “I help business owners track their finances so that their time is spent doing what a CEO does – running and growing their businesses.” And that’s why I started VersaTel Solutions. We work to make it easier for small-business owners to grow their businesses. Reach out to us to find out which one of our packages can make your life easier.

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