Signs of a Healthy Work Environment

Signs of a Healthy Work Environment

A positive work environment starts with the boss of the company. They set the tone for the environment of the company. In last week’s article we talked about toxic work environments, so what makes one that’s healthy? 

Here are 10 signs of a healthy work environment. 

  1. Healthy communication. Communication is a healthy part of any job. Whether it’s handling an internal problem or angry customers, good communication skills are necessary in a healthy work environment. 
  2. Problems are handled directly. Issues are inevitable in the workplace, what matters is how they are dealt with. There is no room for passive aggressive behavior in a healthy work environment. Handling problems head on avoids unnecessary conflict or drama that can stem from these problems. It’s normal for employees to make mistakes. They shouldn’t be persecuted for these mistakes. Rather, they should be told how they can improve and given room to fix them.
  3. There’s high enthusiasm. Are your employees excited to be at work? This is a sure sign of a healthy work environment. A healthy one that fosters growth is apparent in whether or not the workers are happy to be there. 
  4. A healthy work life balance is encouraged. It’s important that employees have lives outside of work. It should be encouraged that they take time off. If they don’t have this time off they may start to resent their job. They also shouldn’t be pressured to work when they are feeling sick. 
  5. Low turnover. If employees are staying for a long time it shows that employers are treating them well and it’s a safe environment for them to work.
  6. People work together as a team. Although some companies require more teamwork than others, it’s important that workers get along well to accomplish tasks. There shouldn’t be competition between co-workers. They should feel like they are able to rely on each other. 
  7. There are positive values. A company based on positive values will surely thrive. A good tip is to look at the company’s mission statement and see if they align with your standards and values. 
  8. They are paid a fair wage. People deserve to be paid fairly for their work. If a company is underpaying them, that shows that they do not value that person and are cutting them short in regards to payment. Male and female employees of the same level should be paid equally. 
  9. There’s flexibility. The only constant in business is change. It’s important for companies to remain flexible and open minded to new information, technologies, and ways of doing things. 
  10. Employees feel valued. It’s important for employees to feel like they are valued within the company. This leads to a lower turnover rate and higher morale. 

Whether you are applying for a new job, manage your own company, or are analyzing your current company’s work environment, these tips will help you understand the signs of a positive work environment. An employee is like a flower. Given the right environment and circumstances it can bloom. If the flower doesn’t bloom, we don’t blame the flower, we blame the environment. 

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