Ten Tips To Effectively Work From Home-Part One

Ten Tips To Effectively Work From Home-Part One

I get it, you either hate working from home, or think it’s the best thing ever. It’s not made for everyone, I agree, and to tell you the truth, I find it to be a challenge occasionally as well (especially in the Summer months when it’s hot and the pool is calling!) But you CAN do it, especially with these tips, you just have to stick to them, and you will find you will become much more efficient, and even happier working from home!

1. Shower, Shave, and Shine!– If you used to wake up at 7am to make sure you were out the door by 8 to get started by 9, then the same should hold when you’re working from home. Get up, take your shower, get dressed in pants with a button and zipper, and wear a top not made of sweatshirt material. Do your makeup, hair, whatever you normally would do. Looking good is connected to feeling good, and feeling good is connected to productivity. Shoes are, of course optional.

2. Set Your Time and Stick To It-if you used to start work at 9, as I said before, then you should start work at 9 from home as well. But, what if you chose to work from home to save on childcare, and your child doesn’t go to school till 10 and gets home at 1? Then it probably makes sense to set yourself  new work hours. Find what works best for you, and stay focused on that window.

3. No Time Off For YOU!-No, it’s not ok to skip work today, and no, it’s not ok to take a four hour lunch. You’ll only hurt yourself in the long run. If it wasn’t ok in an office, it’s not ok here.

4. Tell Everyone To Leave You Alone-Your mom wouldn’t have called you ten times a day if you were working in an office, would she? She shouldn’t think it’s ok to do it when you’re working from home either. If your work hours are 10-4 for example, ask your friends and family to call you after that time so you can focus on them, and not on them and a spreadsheet.

5. Define Your Workspace-This is very important. You should honor your work with a work area; not a corner of a room, not the couch, and certainly not your bedroom. Find what area of your home you feel is the best place to create your office, and create one there. Don’t give yourself too much room though. You’ll end up hoarding papers and things, and that’s a whole other blog! Also, be sure you define your workspace with your family as well. This isn’t everyone’s work area-this is yours. Keep it that way.

Stay tuned for part two on the two part series, in the meantime, if you feel overwhelmed by your office work, and feel you need someone to help you find the balance between success and madness, contact me for a consultation!