How to Manage Your Remote Workers

How to Manage Your Remote Workers

How’s your crash course in managing remote workers going? The pandemic we’re facing meant bosses around the globe had to switch their workforce to teleworking. In many cases, literally overnight. Your company may have already allowed some employees to work from home. But you probably were used to seeing your employees in person more than you are now. Managing remote work in 2020 is a whole new ballgame. We think these are the two most important responsibilities for you to get right.

  • Communicate Well – It’s fine to use virtual meeting platforms, or messaging apps. But it’s important now more than ever to make sure you’re communicating with clarity. ZDnet writes, “it’s important (that) teams are communicating often. It’s also (important that) everyone knows what’s expected of them and by what standards their work is being judged. Setting deadlines and scheduling standing check-ins is a great way to keep your staff on the same page and working toward the same goals.” These processes should be put down in writing, not only to help prevent miscommunication between employees, but to make sure clients and customers continue to have a smooth relationship with your business.

Put Clear Policies in Place – Labor law firm Fisher Phillips recommends, “You would be well-served to have an up-to-date remote work policy. A clear, written policy is a great way to set remote work expectations for your employees and keep them up to date on your company’s official policies and procedures established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you instituted a remote work policy specifically for COVID-19 and intended it for short-term use, or if you utilized an existing telework policy that did not specifically contemplate COVID-19, your policy may need tweaking”. One other policy to consider is how you’ll track the hours for remote workers. Be sure your workers know and understand the process for tracking hours.

Special Tips for Beginners: Visit the website Recamov for tips on working remotely if for beginners.

When you’re leading your small business through any crisis, big or small, having clear policies and procedures will help make a difficult job easier. If you need assistance organizing, or developing policies, our Process Management service can help. Contact VersaTel Solutions today so we can get started.